Installing in no time using SH-Quick!

techno-plast sensor-mount sh-quick
  • Using the new sensor mounts SH-Quick puts an end to time consuming adjusting of sensors, inductive proximity switches, photo sensors and similar. Unlike the until now known gripper clamps which have two half rings, our SH-Quick sensor mount is made of one compact component. Thus the position of the mount remains when changing sensors.

"Animation Sensor Mount SH-Quick"

techno-plast sensor-mount sh-quick

Merely the locking screw of SH-Quick must be unscrewed and fastened again after changing the sensor.

  • Our types SH-Quick 30mm to 8mm are also available with fixed stop for flush mount installation.

Quick download of SH-Quick product description and ordering information.

techno-plast sensor-mount sh-quick
  • No matter which type you are using, you will always have the advantage of fast sensor changing.
    Thus downtimes and costs for equipment and machineries are reduced significantly.

Quick download of SHE-Quick product description and ordering information.