Installing in no time using IR-Quick!

techno-plast retaining-rings ir-quick
  • With the new holding appliance IR-Quick by techno-plast, the laying of cables, tubes and similar energy supplying elements can be done neatly and orderly in no time at all.
    The installation can be adapted at any position and to any amount of cable over and over again by uncomplicated replacing of the rings. The installation is extremely simple.

"Animation Retaining Ring IR-Quick"

techno-plast retaining-rings ir-quick
  • IR-Quick allows the laying of cables even while plugs are connected
  • The retaining ring with base is for use with strut profile systems. The base of this ring will just be screwed into the slot of the profile. For attaching on surfaces and other profile systems, the retaining ring with screw is supposed to be used.

Quick download of IR-Quick product description and ordering information.

techno-plast halteringe ir-quick
  • IR-Quick can be opened at any time; therefore it can be used multiple times.
    The used materials are fully recyclable.